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Thin films of CdZnS have found extensive applications in various optical, electrical and optoelectronic devices. A simple method of microwave assisted chemical bath deposition (MW-CBD) has been used to deposit CdZnS (Cadmium Zinc Sulphide) thin films. The bath solution is composed of Cadmium Sulphate, Zinc Sulphate, thiourea, ammonium Sulphate and ammonia.(More)
Polycrystalline films of semiconducting Cu(In<inf>1&#x2212;x</inf>Ga<inf>x</inf>)Se<inf>2</inf> (CIGS) quaternary alloy, one of the promising materials for photovoltaic applications, have been prepared by means of chemical spray pyrolysis (CSP). Copper, Indium and Gallium metal chlorides and Selenourea are used as constituent elements to prepare spray(More)
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