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Research on Teaching College Economics: A Survey
We are indebted to Elisabeth Allison, G. L. Bach, William Becker, Frank Bonello, Kenneth Boulding, Stephen Buckles, J R. Clark, George Dawson, Daniel Fusfeld, Malcolm Getz, W Lee Hansen,Expand
“This Is What I Do, and I Like It”
Fels reviews the classroom experiments presented in this issue and comments on the efficacy of experimental economics as a teaching tool.
The Long-Wave Depression, 1873-97
ECONOMIC literature more often than not regards the period i873-97 in America as a long-wave depression. Such an interpretation rests on two facts. First, the trend of wholesale prices was downwardExpand
A Note on Sex and Economic Education
1. David Ausubel, The Psychology of Meaningful Verbal Learning. New York: Grune and Stratton, Inc., 1963. 2. Donald Campbell and Julian Stanley, "Experimental and Quasi-Experimental Designs forExpand