Rencheng Song

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A T-matrix method is proposed to solve the mixed boundary inverse scattering problem, i.e., perfect electric conductors (PEC) and dielectric scatterers are simultaneously reconstructed under the two-dimensional transverse magnetic (TM) illumination setting. Both the dipole and monopole elements of the T-matrix are chosen to accurately describe the(More)
Subspace techniques have been introduced in the framework of contrast source (CS) extended born (CSEB) model, for improving its reconstruction capabilities. Two techniques are demonstrated. First, a scheme for generating a good initial guess of the scatterer profile is shown. Second, subspace-based optimization method is used for optimization. Using the(More)
In this paper, we combine two techniques together, i.e., the fast Fourier transform-twofold subspace-based optimization method (FFT-TSOM) and multiplicative regularization (MR) to solve inverse scattering problems. When applying MR to the objective function in the FFT-TSOM, the new method is referred to as MR-FFT-TSOM. In MR-FFT-TSOM, a new stable and(More)
The practical problem of imaging scatterers that are separable from the known obstacles is addressed. Using such a priori information, the obstacle is regarded as a known scatterer rather than part of the background and can be excluded from the retrieving process by reformulating the cost function. As a result, the proposed method transforms the problem(More)
This paper investigates the resolution and robustness of the multiple signal classification (MUSIC) method to locate small three-dimensional (3D) anisotropic scatterers near the medium interface in a multilayered background. An enhanced MUSIC algorithm developed for free-space background is extended to solve such a problem. Because its indicator is built in(More)
In this paper, an enhanced multiple signal classification (MUSIC) algorithm is introduced to retrieve small three-dimensional elastic inclusions. First, the multistatic response (MSR) matrix is built by two different ways depending on considering the multiple scattering effect or not. The eigenvalue structure of the MSR matrix is analyzed to identify the(More)
Fourier phasing is the problem of retrieving Fourier phase information from Fourier intensity data. The standard Fourier phase retrieval (without a mask) is known to have many solutions which cause the standard phasing algorithms to stagnate and produce wrong or inaccurate solutions. In this talk Fourier phase retrieval is carried out with the introduction(More)
The optical propagation in micro-waveguides with loss is described by Helmholtz equation with complex refractive index or wavenumber. In this paper, an improved operator marching method is developed to solve the equation efficiently. This technique can be widely used for microelectronic on-chip interconnect applications. 2009 Elsevier Ltd. All rights(More)
The practical problem of imaging scatterers enclosed by separable obstacles with mixed boundary is addressed. Both the unknown scatterers and the known obstacle media can be mixture of dielectric and perfect electric conducting (PEC) materials. The scattering phenomenon of such problem is well modeled by T-matrix method. By usage of separable prior(More)
Ultrahigh-dimensional variable selection plays an increasingly important role in contemporary scientific discoveries and statistical research. Among others, Fan and Lv [J. R. Stat. Soc. Ser. B Stat. Methodol. 70 (2008) 849–911] propose an independent screening framework by ranking the marginal correlations. They showed that the correlation ranking procedure(More)