Renaud Leplaideur

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The usual way to study the local structure of Equilibrium State of an Axiom-A diffeomorphism or flow is to use the symbolic dynamic and to push results on the manifold. A new geometrical method is given. It consists in proving that Equilibrium States for Hölder-continuous functions are related to other Equilibrium States of some special sub-systems(More)
In this paper, we study ergodic features of invariant measures for the partially hyperbolic horseshoe at the boundary of uniformly hyperbolic diffeomorphisms constructed in [12]. Despite the fact that the non-wandering set is a horseshoe, it contains intervals. We prove that every recurrent point has non-zero Lyapunov exponents and all ergodic invariant(More)
We examine the renormalization operator determined by the Fibonacci substitution. We exhibit a fixed point and determine its stable leaf (under iteration of the operator). Then, we study the thermodynamic formalism for potentials in this stable leaf, and prove they have a freezing phase transition, with ground state supported on the attracting quasi-crystal(More)
We study the time of nth return of orbits to some given (union of) rectangle(s) of a Markov partition of an Axiom A diffeomorphism. Namely, we prove the existence of a scaled generating function for these returns with respect to any Gibbs measure (associated to a Hölderian potential). As a by-product, we derive precise large deviation estimates and a(More)