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This contribution details the synthesis and chemical/physical characterization of a series of unconventional twisted pi-electron system electro-optic (EO) chromophores. Crystallographic analysis of these chromophores reveals large ring-ring dihedral twist angles (80-89 degrees) and a highly charge-separated zwitterionic structure dominating the ground(More)
Yiliang Wang,‡ David L. Frattarelli,‡ Antonio Facchetti,‡ Elena Cariati,*,§ Elisa Tordin,§ Renato Ugo,§ Cristiano Zuccaccia,| Alceo Macchioni,*,| Staci L. Wegener,‡ Charlotte L. Stern,‡ Mark A. Ratner,*,‡ and Tobin J. Marks*,‡ Department of Chemistry and the Materials Research Center, Northwestern UniVersity, 2145 Sheridan Road, EVanston, Illinois(More)
Molecule-based electrooptic (EO) materials are of intense research interest for understanding how light interacts with matter and for applications in photonic technologies such as high-speed optical communications, integrated optics, and optical data processing and storage. In such materials, the second-order susceptibility tensor governing EO response(More)
We present relevant results dealing with the transparency/optical nonlinearity trade-off in high-frequency electro-optic applications. The very simple, stable and high optical gap chromophore, the zwitterion 1-methyl-4-(tetrazol-5-ate)pyridinium, represents the best transparency/optical nonlinearity trade-off so far described in the literature. We(More)
Mixed M(II)/M(III) metal oxalates, as "stripes" connected through strong hydrogen bonding by para-dimethylaminobenzaldeide (DAMBA) and water, form an organic-inorganic 2D network that enables segregation in layers of the cationic organic NLO-phore trans-4-(4-dimethylaminostyryl)-1-methylpyridinium, [DAMS+]. The crystalline hybrid materials obtained have the(More)
The photophysical and electrochemical properties of the novel complexes [Ir(ppy)(2)(5-X-1,10-phen)][PF(6)] (ppy = 2-phenylpyridine, phen = phenanthroline, X = NMe(2), NO(2)), [Ir(pq)(2)(5-X-1,10-phen)][PF(6)] (pq = 2-phenylquinoline, X = H, Me, NMe(2), NO(2)), [Ir(ppy)2(4-Me,7-Me-1,10-phen)][PF(6)], [Ir(ppy)2(5-Me,6-Me-1,10-phen)][PF(6)],(More)