Renato Stefanelli

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If a picture contains elongated objects of different thicknesses, one can make measurements on it which are thickness-invariant by first transforming it so that each object is thinned down to a "medial line" of constant thickness. Several algorithms are described which perform such a thinning transformation when applied to the picture in parallel. It is(More)
Definition of architectures capable of fault tolerance and reconfiguration, suitable for very large scale integration (VLSI) implementation, is an important problem with regard to both production yield and run-time availability of VLSI devices. The case considered in the present paper concerns regular arrays of processing elements, such as the ones found in(More)
In 1981 a national research program for the design, simulation and construction of a multiprocessor image processing system was started. After a first phase devoted to the comparison of suggested and existing systems and to the definition of a set of benchmarks and to the evaluation of the performances of the major classes of machines, a new system has been(More)