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It has recently been reported that the exposure of human spermatozoa to an extremely low frequency (ELF) electromagnetic field (EMF) with a square waveform of 5 mT amplitude and frequency of 50 Hz improves sperm motility. The functional relationship between the energy metabolism and the enhancement of human sperm motility induced by ELF-EMF was(More)
Some effects of extremely low frequency electromagnetic fields (ELF-EMFs) on human spermatozoa are reported. Significant increases in the values of the motility and of the other kinematic parameters have been observed when spermatozoa were exposed to an ELF-EMF with a square waveform of 5 mT amplitude and frequency of 50 Hz. By contrast, a 5 mT sine wave(More)
The aim of this study was to assess the effects of 8 weeks of whole-body vibrations on explosive and reactive leg strength. Thirty-three physically active students took part in the study and were randomly assigned to an individualized-vibration group, a fixed-vibration group or a control group. The frequency of vibration was set to 30 Hz for the(More)
A syncytium model to study some electrical properties of the eye is proposed to study the phenomenon of anomalous light flashes (LF) perceived by astronauts in orbit. The crystalline lens is modelled as an ellipsoidal syncytium with a variable relative dielectric constant. The corresponding mathematical model is a boundary value problem for a system of two(More)
AIM The first purpose of the present study was to assess acute, residual and chronic effects of whole-body vibration on hamstring and lower back flexibility through the application of an individual frequency of vibration. The second purpose was to determine whether the applied vibration intervention over time influences flexibility and reactive strength(More)
PURPOSE The present study was designed to investigate the electromyographic (EMG) response in leg muscles to whole-body vibration while using different body positions and vibration frequencies. METHODS Twenty male sport sciences students voluntarily participated in this single-group, repeated-measures study in which EMG data from the vastus lateralis (VL)(More)
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