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Grid computing represents the main solution to integrate distributed and heterogeneous resources in global scale. However, the infrastructure necessary for maintaining a global grid in production is huge. Such fact has led to excessive power consumption. On the other hand, most green strategies for data centers are DVS (Dynamic Voltage Scaling)-based and(More)
The nucleus pretectalis (PT) of birds is an ovoid-shaped visuomotor cell group of the pretectum that receives tectal input and projects back to the optic tectum. We performed immunohistochemical single- and double-labeling to determine the distribution and abundance of neurons containing three calcium-binding proteins, parvalbumin (PV), calretinin (CR), and(More)
Current large scale distributed systems face growth in data center electricity. In this paper, we have discussed energy-aware scheduling problem on grid systems. In this way, we provide GGreen -- a greedy task scheduling algorithm in order to reduce the global energy consumption on grid systems. GGreen strategy has an observational approach that focus on(More)
The compositions of the glutamate AMPA-type receptors influence the neural response and the subunits GluR2/3 has been referred to as essential for receptor trafficking and synapse consolidation. We investigate the GluR2/3 occurrence and expression in the hippocampal formation of newly born homing pigeons by a semi-quantitative approach, the Western-blotting(More)
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