Renato Recio

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In primates, plasma testosterone concentrations are elevated for some 3 months from birth. The function of this rise is uncertain, but studies in rats suggest that its prevention by castration or administration of gonadotrophin hormone-releasing hormone (GnRH) analogues has effects on development and expression of social and sexual behaviours, and adverse(More)
ions provide new tools to enable the richer networking functionalities demanded by recent industry trends including dynamic virtual server workloads, multi-tenant cloud computing, and warehouse-scale data centers. Existing standards and abstractions have proven inadequate for delivering this functionality Bat scale[; for example, 12-bit virtual local area(More)
Virtualizing resources for easy pooling and accounting, as well as for rapid provisioning and release, is essential for the effective management of modern data centers. Although the compute and storage resources can be virtualized quite effectively, a comprehensive solution for network virtualization has yet to be developed. Our analysis of the requirements(More)
Server virtualization has brought about tremendous value to a modern computing landscape and in particular to data center and cloud infrastructures. Virtual server deployments have become ubiquitous in many development and production sites, in cloud infrastructures and in disaster recovery solutions. Network connectivity is a vital aspect of modern(More)
Fatigue fractures generally appear in normal bone following increased repetitive activity or strenuous exercise, when imbalance occurs between applied force and elastic resistance. Femoral neck fatigue fractures are most common in athletes and young military recruits; such fractures in children with open physes are very rare. This paper reports a fatigue(More)
OBJECTIVES The objective of the study is to evaluate the effects of levonorgestrel transferred through breast milk on thyroid stimulating hormone (TSH) and luteinizing hormone (LH) levels in full breast-fed infants. METHODS Forty healthy postpartum women and their male newborns were recruited for the study. Women were randomly allocated to two study(More)
Enterprise and technical customers place a diverse set of requirements on server I/O networks. In the past, no single network type has been able to satisfy all of these requirements. As a result several fabric types evolved and several interconnects emerged to satisfy a subset of the requirements. Recently several technologies have emerged that enable a(More)
The frequency and ranges of the immature germinal cells (IGC) were established in 286 semen analyses from normozoospermic (group I), oligozoospermic (group II), and azoospermic (group III) subjects. The mean total count of IGC was greater between men from group I than between participants from groups II and III. Scd spermatids were the cells most frequently(More)
To determine whether the long-term exposure to a monthly injectable contraceptive, containing dihydroxyprogesterone acetophenide 150 mg and estradiol enanthate 10 mg, induces significant changes on the serum estrogens profile and ovulation return in women, a study in chronic users was undertaken. Ovarian function was assessed for 3 months following a single(More)