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Security configuration of standard systems is a tedious and error prone task. Doing this for WSN is even more complex due to the scarce resources of the sensor nodes. In order to simplify this task we propose a middleware architecture as well as a configuration tool. The main idea is that the configuration tool selects security providing modules such as(More)
LED-based lighting systems have introduced radically new possibilities in the area of artificial lighting. Being physically small the LED can be positioned or embedded into luminaires, materials and even the very fabric of a building or environment. Together with new functionality and flexibility comes complexity; the simple light switch is not anymore(More)
Agaricus blazei is a basidiomycete of medicinal and gastronomic importance, but few publications have appeared on preservation. We have evaluated A. blazei cryopreservation at −70°C using different cryoprotectants and freezing protocols. Malt extract agar disks containing grown mycelia were transferred to cryotubes containing different cryoprotective(More)
We are moving towards a future where people will be ever more surrounded by technology and multiple appliances, bringing about the promise of truly intelligent environments. However, this multitude of devices raises several issues to HCI practitioners. Indeed, our preliminary studies confirm that blind people experience difficulties with most appliances,(More)
This paper addresses the integration of Information, Communication and Automation Technologies (ICAT) in the dwelling space in order to meet the user's needs. We describe an ongoing PhD research which deals with the rehabilitation of the existing housing stock in order to fulfil the new needs of dwellers in the current Information Society as well as the(More)
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