Renato M. Ribeiro-Viana

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BACKGROUND The involvement of the complement system in brain injury has been scarcely investigated. Here, we document the pivotal role of mannose-binding lectin (MBL), one of the recognition molecules of the lectin complement pathway, in brain ischemic injury. METHODS AND RESULTS Focal cerebral ischemia was induced in mice (by permanent or transient(More)
Ligand polyvalency is a powerful modulator of protein-receptor interactions. Host-pathogen infection interactions are often mediated by glycan ligand-protein interactions, yet its interrogation with very high copy number ligands has been limited to heterogenous systems. Here we report that through the use of nested layers of multivalency we are able to(More)
Synthetic 3-alkylpyridine marine alkaloid (3-APA) analogues have shown good antimalarial activity against Plasmodium falciparum. However, despite their structural originality, their molecular target was unknown. Herein, we report a proposal for the antimalarial mechanism of action of 3-APA analogues through interference with the process of hemozoin (Hz)(More)
Vaccination strategies based on dendritic cells (DCs) armed with specific tumor antigens have been widely exploited due the properties of these immune cells in coordinating an innate and adaptive response. Here, we describe the convergent synthesis of the bifunctional multivalent glycodendron 5, which contains nine residues of mannose for DC targeting and(More)
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