Renato F. de G. Cerqueira

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OBJECTIVE To assess the knowledge, attitudes, and behavior associated with cadaver organ donation and transplantation among medical students and physicians. PATIENTS AND METHODS We randomly selected 350 medical students, 150 physicians, and 150 intensive care unit physicians. Each completed a questionnaire consisting of 9 self-administered items, from(More)
A joint approach combining Reinforcement Learning, Knowledge Based Systems and a new methodology for environment mapping around the mobile robot neighborhood, for mobile robot navigation is presented in this paper. The new approach allows cognitive agent based on knowledge based systems, to uses Q-Iearning algorithms to interact successively with a specific(More)
RESUMO Visual analytics applications (VAApps) rely heavily on visual representations and notations to communicate information and support user’s interaction. In order to evaluate the effectiveness and efficiency of VAApps, we must pay special attention to the visual representations and their underlying interaction mechanisms. When designing visual(More)
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