Renato Cardoso Mesquita

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This paper presents a new approach for automatic graph drawing based on <i>Genetic algorithms</i>. The classical <i>topology-shape-metric</i> approach for orthogonal graph drawing keeps a fixed planar embedding obtained in its first step (<i>planarization</i>), using it for the next two steps (<i>orthogonalization</i> and <i>compaction</i>). However, each(More)
Keywords: Graph drawing Genetic algorithms Combinatorial optimization Multicriteria decision making in a fuzzy environment a b s t r a c t This paper reflects results of research related to developing a new methodology for automatic graph drawing based on applying genetic algorithms. The methodology has permitted the elaboration of a hybrid technique that(More)
We present a multiobjective hybrid technique for automatic orthogonal graph drawing. The new methodology combines the classical approach to automatic orthogonal graph drawings,the topology-shape-metric approach, and a multiobjective genetic algorithm based on the NSGA-II method. In the topology-shape-metric method, a fixed planar embedding is obtained in(More)
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