Renato C. Nali

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Sexual size dimorphism (SSD) varies in animals from male biased to female biased. The evolution of SSD is potentially influenced by a number of factors, such as territoriality, fecundity, and temporal breeding patterns (explosive vs. prolonged). In general, frogs show female-biased SSD with broad variance among species. Using comparative methods, we examine(More)
Frog reproductive modes are complex phenotypes that include egg/clutch characteristics, oviposition site, larval development, and sometimes, parental care. Two evident patterns in the evolution of these traits are the higher diversity of reproductive modes in the tropics and the apparent progression from aquatic to terrestrial reproduction, often attributed(More)
We characterized 22 polymorphic microsatellite markers for the Brazilian treefrog Bokermannohyla ibitiguara and tested their cross-amplification in B. alvarengai, B. circumdata and B. hylax. Our focal species occurs in protected and disturbed Brazilian Cerrado landscapes, a highly threatened savanna in central Brazil. Fourteen markers successfully(More)
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