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This paper deals with the control of processes having recycle streams. These processes can be modeled as state delayed systems. In this work the problem of robust design of an observed-based controller for these systems is presented. The system is assumed to have norm-bounded uncertainties which are independent in every matrix involved in its state space(More)
— In this paper, the problem of robust filter design for networked systems with time-varying sampling rate is investigated. The design conditions are obtained by using the Lyapunov theory and the Finsler's Lemma. A robust filter, that minimizes an upper bound to the H ∞ performance of the estimation error, is obtained as the solution of an optimization(More)
In this paper, the problem of gain scheduling for time-varying systems with time delays is investigated. By using a memory at the feedback loop, a discrete gain scheduled controller which minimizes an upper bound to the H∞ performance of the closed loop system is determined. The design conditions, expressed in terms of bilinear matrix inequalities, are(More)