Renate Soltmann

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Various methods have been proposed and investigated for the purpose of reducing radiation exposures in cephalometric radiography. The purpose of this investigation was to use various dose-reducing methods from four major categories--(1) rare-earth intensifying screens, (2) rare-earth filtration, (3) prepatient soft-tissue enhancement methods, and (4) films(More)
Objectives :  (1) To collect three-dimensional, dynamic facial images from two groups of infants: one group born with cleft lip and palate slated to have a primary lip repair and a second, age-matched, noncleft control group. (2) To develop analyses to determine differences in facial movement between infants with cleft lip with or without palate (CL±P) and(More)
Using digital subtraction enhancement, we compared the accuracy of three tomographic technique variations for quantifying small changes of condylar position. A phantom made of skeletal material and an adjustable mechanical stage provided 0.1 mm positioning accuracy of the condylar segment. Linear tomographic images were made with the condyle in a centered(More)
Using a TMJ skeletal phantom, we assessed validity and reliability of digitally subtracted linear tomographic images to quantify condylar position changes. Horizontally corrected frontal and lateral tomographic images were made with the condyle in a 'centred' position and displaced by 1, 2 and 3 mm increments in two of three directions (inferior, and(More)
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