Renate Simon

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Cervical spine immobilization devices are widely used to stabilize the cervical spine and prevent neurologic deficits associated with unstable fractures. In order to quantitate their efficacy we measured controlled cervical spine motion in three axes, using six different immobilization methods in 25 volunteers instructed to actively move their necks as much(More)
We first developed a technique for cutdown of the cephalic vein at the wrist. We then conducted a prospective cross-over cadaver study comparing the ability of medical students to perform this technique with that of the standard saphenous vein cutdown at the ankle. All students had a previous course in anatomy but had never performed a cutdown. Before(More)
Presence of pulsus paradoxus, PCO2, sternocleidomastoid retraction, and flow rates have been used at the bedside to assess the severity of acute asthma. In our study of 49 adult patients, pulse rate, respiratory rate and pulsus paradoxus were shown to be significantly higher in patients assuming the upright position on admission to the emergency center;(More)
Most techniques described for securing a chest tube in position do not discuss closing the orifice in the chest wall after removal of the tube. An air tight closure of the chest wall and good approximation of the wound edges after removal of the chest tube must be done to prevent complications and obtain a cosmetically good scar. A technique for securing a(More)
Subungual hematomas are one of the most common injuries involving the hand. On conducting a literature search, we were unable to find any studies that investigated the association between subungual hematomas, fractures, and the presence of an occult laceration of the nail bed requiring repair. Forty-seven consecutive patients who presented to the emergency(More)
The logistics of maintaining and supplying underground clinics located in war-torn rural Afghanistan are presented. Medical supplies are transported by pack animals over mountainous terrain, and must be specially packaged for the rigorous journey. Twenty percent of supplies are lost en route due to attacks or accidents. Medical and surgical equipment, some(More)
We studied the venous system at the groin, ankle, and antecubital area in relationship to easily palpable or visible surface landmarks, and developed new approaches or modifications of existing approaches to localize the saphenous vein at the groin, ankle, and the basilic vein in the antecubital area. A prospective crossover study comparing these new(More)
A method for localizing the hyoid bone in normal adult and children subjects is presented. The reliability of this calculated value in permitting localization of the hyoid was examined in 200 adult subjects in relationship to age, sex, neck size, and ethnic origin. The same method was utilized in 198 children with similar results. It was found to be a(More)
Metacarpal and phalangeal fractures are common presenting injuries in many emergency departments. The emergency physician should become skilled at properly evaluating and initiating appropriate management and follow-up for these injuries when they occur. Failure to properly do so may result in permanent disability.