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From a population of incarcerated delinquents coming from an urban minority community, 60 subjects with a history of heroin usage did not differ significantly from 60 controls on the Tennessee Self-Concept Scale, the Culture Fair Intelligence Test, or in reading grade level on the Wide Range Achievement Test. The two groups were also similar in intactness(More)
Despite extensive research carried out over many years, a completely satisfactory method of testing drugs and chemicals for carcinogenicity continues to elude toxicologists. In the past, numerous scientific groups, regulatory agencies, and regional bodies have discussed and published specific recommendations and guidelines regarding the testing requirements(More)
A low-cost, automatic firmness measuring instrument was developed using commercially available components such as: dial gage, dashpot lowering mechanism, weight sets and probe tips. The details of the assembly and the names of parts manufacturers are given. The instrument is an automated modification of the original P-L Meter developed by Parker and Levin(More)
Using enantioselective M D G C the enantiom eric d istribution o f alkan-(alken-)2-yl-acetates from bananas is achieved. A fter simple acetylation their corresponding alcohols 2-pentanol, 2-hexanol, 2-heptanol and (Z)-4-hepten-2-ol respectively are also exactly stereodifferentiated by the same method. All com pounds investigated esters as well as alcohols(More)