Renata Schaeffer

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Objective Traumatic Brain Injury (TBI) is a major caus e of de ath and dis ability, le ading to gre at pe rs onal s uffe ring to victim and re lative s , as we ll as huge dire ct and indire ct cos ts to s ocie ty. Strong e thical, me dical, s ocial and he alth e conomic re as ons the re fore e xis t for improving tre atme nt. The CENTER-TBI proje ct will(More)
BACKGROUND Medullary thyroid carcinoma accounts for approximately 1 to 2 % of all thyroid carcinoma cases. The most common route of dissemination is to locoregional lymph nodes. Distant metastases commonly affect bones, lungs, and liver. We present a case of a white woman with a 25-year history of medullary thyroid carcinoma on multiple medications(More)
A case of cerebral air embolism from a rather unusual cause is reported; an esophago-cardiac fistula permitted food particles and air to enter the systemic arterial circulation. Massive embolization caused the patient to become deeply comatose rather suddenly. The computed tomogram (CT) revealed massive cerebral edema with the contradictory finding of wide(More)
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