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S U M M A R Y The DEOS Mass Transport release 1 (DMT-1) model has been produced on the basis of intersatellite K-band ranging data acquired by the GRACE satellite mission. The functional model exploited in the data processing can be considered as a variant of the acceleration approach. Each element of the data vector is defined as a linear combination of(More)
α-Azido aldehydes can be employed in Passerini reactions with isocyanides and various propiolic acids to afford the three-component adducts in moderate to good yields. These compounds undergo a straightforward azide-alkyne dipolar cycloaddition to furnish triazolo-fused dihydrooxazinones.
This paper describes the synthesis of a bicyclic beta-amino acid scaffold in both pure enantiomeric forms and its application as chiral auxiliary in an intramolecular version of the Ugi multicomponent reaction (U-5C-4CR) to prepare alpha-amino acid derivatives of both D- and L-series in a straightforward and very stereoselective manner. The mild conditions(More)
Azidobenzaldehydes can be used in Passerini three-component condensations to synthesize small collections of triazolo-fused heterocycles in an efficient and combinatorial fashion upon post-condensation azide–alkyne cycloadditions. Triazolo-fused benzoxazepinones were obtained in moderate to good overall yields with a concise two-step protocol.(More)
β-Acylamino-α-hydroxyamides andβ-acylamino-α-oxoamides, compounds known to be potent protease inhibitors, can be conveniently prepared with a highly convergent strategy involving a Passerini multicomponent reaction between a N-protected α-aminoaldehyde, a carboxylic acid and an isocyanide. After N-deprotection and concomitant acyl migration the desired(More)
We report on the use of a diversity oriented synthesis (DOS) approach that resulted in the generation of a set of libraries of compounds presenting novel structural cores. These chemical cores have been employed to design potential antagonists of the antiapoptotic protein Bcl-x(L) through reiterated steps of molecular docking calculations followed by(More)
The synthesis of new conformationally biased cyclic pentapeptides, incorporating the RGD sequence, and built around a tetrahydroazoninone scaffold, is reported. They exhibit interesting activity towards integrin alphaVbeta3 and a remarkable selectivity in comparison with integrin alphaVbeta5.
A short, two-step approach to the synthesis of diazepane or diazocane systems, based on a Ugi multicomponent reaction followed by a subsequent intramolecular SN2 reaction was studied. 1-sulfonyl tetrahydrobenzo[e]-1,4-diazepin-1-ones 1 were obtained in very high yield through a Ugi multicomponent reaction followed by Mitsunobu cyclization. On the other(More)
Various dihydrobenzo[f][1,4]oxazepin-5-ones have been convergently prepared in 2-3 steps by coupling Ugi and Mitsunobu reactions. Two alternative methodologies were used: in the first one the Ugi condensation was followed by a Mitsunobu cyclization (2 steps); in the second one an intermolecular Mitsunobu reaction was followed by a deprotection step and then(More)