Renata Ratajczak

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We report on AlxGa1-xN heterostructures resulting from the coherent growth of a positive then a negative gradient of the Al concentration on a [0001]-oriented GaN substrate. These polarization-doped p-n junction structures were characterized at the nanoscale by a combination of averaging as well as depth-resolved experimental techniques including:(More)
Modification of materials is a wide area in materials science, especially surface modification. To investigate the results of the modification process, treated and nontreated samples were compared. Intense plasma pulses of argon or nitrogen were used to irradiate the carbon steels. In all samples, the near-surface layer was melted. Results of scanning(More)
V440 Per is a Population I Cepheid with the period of 7.57 day and low amplitude, almost sinusoidal light and radial velocity curves. With no reliable data on the 1st harmonic, its pulsation mode identification remained controversial. We obtained a radial velocity curve of V440 Per with our new high precision and high throughput Poznań Spectroscopic(More)
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