Renata Paula Bombo

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The development of atherosclerosis and the inflammatory response were investigated in LDLr-KO mice on three high-fat diets (40% energy as fat) for 16 weeks: trans (TRANS), saturated (SAFA) or ω-6 polyunsaturated (PUFA) fats. The following parameters were measured: plasma lipids, aortic root total cholesterol (TC), lesion area (Oil Red-O), ABCA1 content and(More)
SCOPE There have been conflicting reports on the usefulness of phytosterols (PS) in preventing atherosclerosis. We evaluated the effects of dietary PS supplementation in LDLr-KO male mice on the plasma and aorta sterol concentrations and on atherosclerotic lesion development. METHODS AND RESULTS Mice were fed a high fat diet (40% of energy) supplemented(More)
The plasma cholesterol-reducing effect of phytosterols (PS) has been recognized in several studies, but the usefulness of PS in preventing coronary heart disease remains controversial, as some investigations claim that the high PS concentrations found in plasma and specific tissues are related to an increased risk of cardiovascular events. It has also been(More)
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