Renata P. de Freitas

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This work extends Propositional Dynamic Logic (PDL) with parallel composition operator and four atomic programs which formalize the storing and recovering of elements in data structures. A generalization of Kripke semantics is proposed that instead of using set of possible states it uses structured sets of possible states. This new semantics allows for(More)
We investigate hybridization of Arrow Logic. Hybridization is a general technique for increasing the power of modal logics. A hybrid extension of a given modal logic can be obtained in two stages: first adding a new sort of variables considered as formulas whose intended meaning is to denote points in the domains of the frames then introducing mechanisms(More)
Ninety-five tomato accessions belonging to the Vegetable Crops Germplasm Bank of the Federal University of Viçosa (BGH-UFV) were evaluated in a protected environment (biolistic inoculation under greenhouse conditions) and in the field (natural infection) for resistance to bipartite begomoviruses present in Brazil. Plants were assessed by the visual(More)
Macaw palm, Acrocomia aculeata is an oleaginous species of the Arecaceae family; it has been identified as one of the most promising plants for sustainable production of renewable energy, especially biodiesel. We developed an efficient protocol of genomic DNA extraction for A. aculeata using leaf and stipe tissues, based on the cationic(More)
We present a system for deriving inclusions between graphs from a set of inclusions between graphs taken as hypotheses. The novel features are the extended notion of graph with an explicitly representation of complement, the more involved definition of the system, and its completeness proof due to the embedding of complements. This is an improvement on(More)
In this paper we show that the class of fork squares has a complete orthodox axiomatization in fork arrow logic (FAL). This result may be seen as an orthodox counterpart of Venema’s non-orthodox axiomatization for the class of squares in arrow logic. FAL is the modal logic of fork algebras (FAs) just as arrow logic is the modal logic of relation algebras(More)
We consider a paradigm of applications of Logic Engineering to illustrate the information interchange among different areas of knowledge, through the formal approach to some aspects of computing. We apply the paradigm to the area of distributed systems, taking the demand for specification formalisms, treated in three areas of knowledge: modal logics,(More)
We present a sound and complete logical system for deriving inclusions between graphs from inclusions between graphs, taken as hypotheses. Graphs provide a natural tool for expressing relations and reasoning about them. Here we extend this system to a sound and complete one to cope with proofs from hypotheses. This leads to a system dealing with(More)