Renata Mekovec

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Analysis of data on individuals and business sensitive data as well as revealing the results of such analysis without disclosing confidential and sensitive information is a very important issue. Many techniques for preserving privacy of data are currently being used. This paper is addressing some of the basic techniques: randomization, k-anonymity,(More)
Individuals mostly hesitate to use services offered via Internet due to their suspicions regarding the level of offered (1) protection of their privacy and (2) security of performing online transactions. Privacy is mostly concerned with the identifiable user data and users' rights to have control over their data. On the other hand, security provides the(More)
Today, the ICT and the Internet tools offer citizens the opportunity to surpass the position of passive actors in the creation of new political and social systems, and become active participants who are able to propose new alternatives based on their opinions. Various available social media platforms are breaking down the barriers between citizens and(More)
Privacy concerns are identified as one of the main factors that have a negative impact on Internet users' online behaviour. Often, Internet users do not have confidence that a web site will ensure their privacy either in collection nor in future usage of their personal information. In this article we propose a categorization of factors that can influence(More)
In this paper we present development and usage of new instrument to assess quality of e-service provided by regional government's web site. We demonstrate the process of defining precise criteria for all measurements, as well as for all quality categories. Due to complexity of final scoring procedure proposed with new assessment instrument, an automate(More)
Social networks are in great expansion nowadays. Opposite to many benefits, such as fast access to information, simple interaction among users, or being a perspective data source for decision makers and analysts, they raise many problems related to privacy protection. Vast amount of personal information that are voluntarily provided is disclosed in social(More)
U-commerce (ubicomp) is defined as combination of e-commerce, m-commerce, e-commerce using interactive digital television as communication media, voice commerce and silent commerce. Each u-commerce element uses positive characteristics of other elements and modifies it according to newer and sophisticated customer needs. This article describes preliminary(More)
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