Renata Marquez de Melo

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INTRODUCTION Antibiotic-containing polymer-based nanofibers (hereafter referred to as scaffolds) have demonstrated great potential for their use in regenerative endodontics from both an antimicrobial and cytocompatibility perspective. This study sought to evaluate in vitro the effects of ciprofloxacin (CIP)-containing polymer scaffolds against Enterococcus(More)
PURPOSE Fiber-reinforced composite (FRC) posts can be air-abraded to obtain good attachment to the resin cement. This study tested the effect of silica coating on the flexural strength of carbon, opaque, and translucent quartz FRC posts. MATERIALS AND METHODS Six experimental groups of FRC posts (n=10 per group) were tested, either as received from the(More)
PURPOSE This study evaluated the degree of conversion (DC) of four indirect resin composites (IRCs) with various compositions processed in different polymerization units and investigated the effect of thermal aging on the flexural strength and Vicker's microhardness. MATERIALS AND METHODS Specimens were prepared from four IRC materials, namely Gr 1:(More)
Polymerization of indirect resin composites (IRC) is carried out in the 'laboratories using special photo-polymerization devices to achieve a higher degree of conversion (DC). Such devices present variation in chambers and light output which may have consequences on the chemical and physical properties of IRCs. This study evaluated the effect of different(More)
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