Renata Gattoni

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With anti-hnRNP monoclonal antibody 6D12 we previously showed in HeLa cells that as early as 10 min after the onset of a heat shock at 45 degrees C, a 72.5-74 kDa antigen doublet leaves the hnRNPs and strongly associates with the nuclear matrix, the effect being reversed after a 6 h recovery at 37 degrees C. cDNA cloning and sequencing enabled us to(More)
We have developed an in vitro splicing system using a HeLa cell nuclear extract that is highly active for the alternative splicing of the natural E1A transcripts. The efficiency of using the three alternative 5' splice sites is strongly dependent on the ionic conditions in the reaction, and the simultaneous production of the 13S, 12S, and 9S mRNA species is(More)
In the early period of cellular infection by adenovirus 2, the E2A region gives rise to 2 major mRNA species of 2.0 and 2.3 kilobases, formed by alternative excisions of intron 2 (Gattoni et al., 1986, J. Mol. Biol. 187, 379-307). We have analysed the excision pathways of this intron. Two major intron species of 626 and 337 nucleotides, generated by the use(More)
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