Renata Gatti

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The research aims were to identify the flowering pattern and the related functional strategies in submediterranean mountain meadows (central Italy) and understand their relationships with some environmental and community structure variables. The number of flowering shoots per species was counted and environmental data were collected in 40 plots during 2009.(More)
The morphometric variations of the rumen papillae due to different alimentary diets has been analysed using a geographic information system (GIS), as the preliminary stage of a wider study aimed at creating a geo-database to link environmental data (pasture structure and composition, pastoral value) with parameters measuring animal welfare (body condition(More)
We investigate, using scanning tunnelling microscopy, the adsorption of pentacene on Ni(111) at room temperature and the behaviour of these monolayer films with annealing up to 700 °C. We observe the conversion of pentacene into graphene, which begins from as low as 220 °C with the coalescence of pentacene molecules into large planar aggregates. Then, by(More)
An efficient computational method for finding the equilibrium concentration profiles which minimize the free energy of intermixed heteroepitaxial islands of assigned shape and average composition is described. A combination of a Monte Carlo method and continuum elasticity theory solved by a finite element method is shown to provide the desired profiles(More)
A simple, but still three-dimensional, model describing the morphological stability of realistic SiGe islands on Si(001) is presented. The experimental evolution toward steeper islands with volume can be predicted for any average composition. Despite the use of elastic theory for stress relaxation under the assumption of a uniform SiGe distribution, and of(More)
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