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Annual Patterns of Molt and Reproductive Activity of Passerines in South-Central Brazil
Abstract We analyzed the occurrence of molt and brood patches in resident passerines from four localities in south-central Brazil. The annual patterns of molt and reproductive activity were veryExpand
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Kin selection does not explain male aggregation at leks of 4 manakin species
In lek-mating systems, males aggregate at display arenas and females visit solely for the purpose of mating. This breeding system is characterized by high variance in male mating success with oneExpand
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Nest survival for two species of manakins (Pipridae) in lowland Ecuador
Estimates of reproductive success are essential to understand life-history strategies, yet tropical species remain under-studied relative to their temperate counterparts. Here, we report nestExpand
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Lek Structure and Male Display Repertoire of Blue-Crowned Manakins in Eastern Ecuador
Abstract. Among lek-breeding manakins (Pipridae), courtship repertoires are extremely diverse and have played a central role in establishing phylogenetic relationships within the family.Expand
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Destination-based seed dispersal homogenizes genetic structure of a tropical palm.
As the dominant seed dispersal agents in many ecosystems, frugivorous animals profoundly impact gene movement and fine-scale genetic structure of plants. Most frugivores engage in some form ofExpand
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Resumen. – No es facil ser verde: El uso de criterios morfologicos y patrones de muda para determinar el sexo y la edad de saltarines con plumaje verde (Aves: Pipridae). – La habilidad paraExpand
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Alimentação de quatro espécies de Leporinus (Characiformes, Anostomidae) durante a formação de um reservatório no sudeste do Brasil
The study reports the changes ocurred in feeding ecology of fish species during a tropical river reservoir formation. It was analysed the stomachal contents of 399 individuals belonging to fourExpand
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ECOLOGY, BEHAVIOR AND BIONOMICS Dung Beetle (Coleoptera: Scarabaeidae) Assemblages across a Natural Forest-Cerrado Ecotone in Minas Gerais, Brazil
Variations in assemblage attributes across ecotones provides clear examples on how organisms perceive and respond to environmental changes, even at small scales. Dung beetles (Scarabaeidae) have beenExpand
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Effects of forest disturbance and habitat loss on avian communities in a Neotropical biodiversity hotspot
Regenerating forests are increasingly ubiquitous in tropical landscapes. They hold great conservation potential and there is demand for assessments of their biodiversity value. Forest disturbance andExpand
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Female mate choice across spatial scales: influence of lek and male attributes on mating success of blue-crowned manakins
Lekking males compete for females within and among leks, yet female choice is expected to work differently at each of these spatial scales. We used paternity analyses to examine how lek versus maleExpand
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