Renata Cruz Teixeira

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Troubleshooting faults or performance disruptions in today’s Internet is at best frustrating. When users experience performance or connectivity problems, there is little they can do. The most common attempt to solve the problem is to reboot or call the provider’s hot line. Network providers have more information to use in diagnosing problems in their(More)
This paper analyzes the impact of the communication system on distributed virtual environments. We present a platform model that express the communication requirements of this kind of applications and evaluate it via simulation. Performance measurements varied the number of participants, the partition of the virtual environment, a participant's speed, and(More)
This paper describes a platform for distributed virtual environments on the Internet, presenting the principles that have guided the platform design, together with an architecture and a protocol for this platform. The platform employs the division of the participants of the virtual environment into multicast groups in order to achieve scalability. We(More)
{ This paper presents a communication model based on active networking concepts for virtual reality systems. This model provides a dynamic form to users join and leave multicast groups. The main features of the proposed model, required to suport large virtual worlds, are: fast construction of distribution tree, scalability, and reliability on demand.
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