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Feasibility study for development of candidate reference material for food analysis: Chloramphenicol in milk powder
Abstract Reliable analytical results are necessary to ensure effective consumer protection and the use of certified reference material (CRM) is an important tool for quality assurance. The BrazilianExpand
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Composição nutricional do casco da tartaruga-da-Amazônia (Podocnemis expansa) criada em cativeiro e em idade de abate
Breeding of turtles in Brazil has increased recently, and the increase of the volume of the species Podocnemis expansa to obtain meat is significant. This study was done at UFRuralRJ, and the aim wasExpand
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Determinação do teor de proteínas e carboidratos totais em suplementos tipo Whey Protein
In the recent years, the consumption of whey protein has increased in Brazil and in the world, due to the health concerns and the physical well-being. Currently, diverse brands and types of wheyExpand