Renata Collazo

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BACKGROUND Dopamine (DA) is a principal natriuretic hormone that defends extracellular fluid volume from a Na load. Natriuresis is effected partly through inhibiting the proximal tubule Na/H exchanger NHE-3. Changes in NHE-3 phosphorylation is one mechanism by which NHE-3 activity is regulated. METHODS We used opossum kidney (OK) cells to characterize the(More)
Central melanocortins (MC) evoke potent but transient anorectic responses with tachyphylaxis developing within days. We hypothesized that intermittent therapy using the MC analog, melanotan II (MTII), would minimize the tachyphylaxis and enhance the long-term efficacy of MTII treatment. F344/BN rats were infused with MTII or vehicle into the lateral(More)
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