Renata Chałas

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OBJECTIVE The aim of the study was to compare under in vitro conditions marginal sealing of 4 different bulk-fill materials composite restorations of class II. METHODS Comparative evaluation concerned 4 composites of a bulk-fill type: SonicFill, Tetric EvoCeram Bulk Fill, Filtek Bulk Fill, and SDR. The study used 30 third molars without caries. In each(More)
Alagille syndrome is a rare, autosomal, complex, dominant disorder associated with dysfunction of the liver, heart, skeleton, and eyes, as well as characteristic facial appearance. It is associated with the defect in component of the Notch signalling pathway. Here, we review the main features of Alagille syndrome with special focus on oro-facial(More)
BACKGROUND One of many functions of the pulp-dentin complex is sensory function. Acute, situated, receding pain after the cessation of the stimulus action is called dentin pain. Dentin hypersensitivity has been described as one of the most painful and least successfully treated chronic ailments of teeth. The aim of this research was the clinical evaluation(More)
Uvod Multipla skleroza (sclerosis multiplex) – MS, nepoznati antigen ili odgovor antigenima (1-5). Higijena je najvažniji čimbenik u prevenciji oralnih bolesti. Oralna higijena uključuje postupke uklanjanja zubnog plaka, jer je godinama poznata uloga plaka u etiopatogenezi karijesa ili parodon-tne bolesti (6). Danas je četkanje zuba najčešći na-Introduction(More)
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