Renata Cardoso Couto

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OBJECTIVE To study the impact of post-discharge surveillance on the detection of nosocomial surgical site infection (SSI) after cesarean section and vaginal delivery. METHODS During a 21-month period, all patients attending the obstetrics service in labor were recruited for a observational study on the incidence of SSI. Examinations to detect SSI were(More)
The Charing Cross Venous Ulcer Questionnaire (CCVUQ), in a recent systematic review, was considered to be the most specific instrument to measure the impact of venous ulcers on the quality of life of patients1. It presents good psychometric properties, besides being short, simple and with a quick application time2, thus being rated as excellent and(More)
Background: Currently there is a growing interest in health assessment tools produced and validated throughout the world. Nevertheless, it is still inadequate the number of instruments that assess the impact of chronic venous disease in the life of its bearer. To use these measures it is necessary to accomplish the translation and cultural adaptation to the(More)
Background: In chronic venous disease (CVD), vascular physiotherapy in the form of therapeutic exercises and manual lymph drainage (MLD) contributes to reducing vascular disorders, with improved venous return, reduced venous stasis and improved clinical status. Objective: To investigate the efficacy of vascular physiotherapy in treatment of CVD. Methods: A(More)
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