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BACKGROUND The project proposes three innovative intervention techniques (treadmill training, mobility training with virtual reality and transcranial direct current stimulation that can be safely administered to children with cerebral palsy. The combination of transcranial stimulation and physical therapy resources will provide the training of a specific(More)
[Purpose] To investigate the correlation of functional balance with the functional performance of children with cerebral palsy. [Subjects and Methods] This was a cross-sectional study of children with cerebral palsy with mild to moderate impairment. The children were divided into 3 groups based on motor impairment. The evaluation consisted of the(More)
This previous study was performed to compare the antero-posterior and medium-lateral displacements and the speed of displacement of the COP of healthy children and compare them to children with cerebral palsy type spastic diparesy. This study had the participation of 10 healthy children (6 girls and 4 boys), between 5 and 10 (7,6 +/- 2,1) years old, and(More)
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