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In a personalized treatment designed for a patient with pancreatic cancer resistant to other treatments, the success of Mitomycin C (MMC) has been highlighted. This was revealed in a murine xenograft tumor model encompassing pancreatic adenocarcinoma cells extracted from the patient. The patient was found to exhibit a biallelic inactivation of the PALB2(More)
of compounds characteristic for Chorthippus spp. samples has been selected. In the last part of the study, a statistical analysis was performed to demonstrate differences in composition of aqueous fractions of abdominal secretions from grasshoppers collected at two distant locations: Starogard gdan´ski and Łubianka meadows.
Non-targeted metabolomics constitutes a part of the systems biology and aims at determining numerous metabolites in complex biological samples. Datasets obtained in the non-targeted metabolomics studies are high-dimensional due to sensitivity of mass spectrometry-based detection methods as well as complexity of biological matrices. Therefore, a proper(More)
Diagnosis of pulmonary arterial hypertension (PAH) is difficult due to the lack of specific clinical symptoms and biomarkers, especially at early stages. We compared plasma metabolic fingerprints of PAH patients (n = 20) with matched healthy volunteers (n = 20) using, for the first time, untargeted multiplatform metabolomics approach consisting of(More)
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