Renata Bottazzi

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We estimate the effect of pension reforms on households' expectations of retirement outcomes and private wealth accumulation decisions exploiting a decade of intense Italian pension reforms as a source of exogenous variation in expected pension wealth. The Survey of Household Income and Wealth, a large random sample of the Italian population, elicits(More)
a r t i c l e i n f o a b s t r a c t We model individual demand for housing over the life cycle, and show the aggregate implications of this behaviour. Individuals delay purchasing their first home when incomes are low or uncertain. Higher house prices lead households to downsize, rather than to stop being owners. Fixed costs (property transactions taxes)(More)
Twenty-four healthy subjects were submitted to a computer-based performance evaluation system. The set of tests required sustained attention, and the last test was expressly designed to cause a moderate, acute psychological stress. Compared to baseline levels, both serum ACTH and beta-endorphins were increased after psychological testing in all subjects.(More)
We study the effects of risk and uncertainty on education and child labour in developing countries. Households that face more uncertainty, and with limited or no access to formal insurance, will have a higher motive for self-insurance and this may, under certain plausible conditions, have adverse consequences for child education. The model predictions are(More)
The study analyzes the trend of asbestos-related diseases and mortality in workers of a company in the province of Cremona which manufactured asbestos products. It is confirmed that the exposure to a high concentration of asbestos fibers (estimated to more than 20 fibers/cc) strictly correlates with the onset of pathologies from asbestos. In the studied(More)
The agricultural sector in Cremona country is made up of many small farms and this makes it difficult to realease the principles of health and safety at work. In this experience an innovative platform for information and training, in which the agricoltural trade unions are privileged partner of public institutions in the road map for continuous improvement,(More)