Renann A. Oliveira

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LED induced chlorophyll fluorescence analysis is employed to investigate the effect of water deficit and salt stress upon the growth process of Jatropha curcas L.. Red(Fr) and far-red(FFr) chlorophyll fluorescence around 685 nm and 735 nm, respectively, were observed and examined as a function of the stress intensity(salt concentration and water deficit).(More)
Daylily (Hemerocallis × hybrida Hort.) is a popular ornamental plant and hybrid cultivars are frequently selected for medium size, large number of flowers per stem, and flower color diversity. However, daylily selection is limited due to the lack of information on genetic parameters and their correlation to phenotypic characteristics. This study aimed at(More)
Knowledge about litterfall and its nutrient fluxes is important for understanding ecosystem dynamics, especially in regards to vegetation at different succession stages. Regenerating vegetation represents a large proportion of tropical forests, such as the caatinga dry forest in NE Brazil, which is heavily used for fuel wood and slash-and-burn agriculture.(More)
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