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DNA sequence polymorphism in a regulatory protein can have a widespread transcriptional effect. Here we present a computational approach for analyzing modules of genes with a common regulation that are affected by specific DNA polymorphisms. We identify such regulatory-linkage modules by integrating genotypic and expression data for individuals in a(More)
The main objective was to evaluate the bimodal self-rated benefits on auditory performance under real conditions and the quality of life in two groups of cochlear-implanted adults, with or without a contralateral hearing aid. The secondary objective was to investigate correlations between the use of a hearing aid and residual hearing on the non-implanted(More)
OBJECTIVES To present the option to use a Fascia Temporalis Superficialis pedicled flap for the implantation of a transcutaneous magnetic osseointegrated auditory implant in selected revision procedures. BACKGROUND Osseointegrated auditory implants represent a reliable option for patients. Skin intolerance and aesthetic issue are two clear limitations of(More)
1 An attempt to identify the extent of solvent abuse in the County of Avon by means of a multidisciplinary reporting system is described. 2 Particular attention was given to identifying abusers thought to be most at risks. 3 Altogether 304 young persons involved in solvent abuse were identified within a 6-month period. The ages of the solvent abusers ranged(More)
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