Renan Marinho Braga

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Stereoisomers of the monoterpene epoxycarvone (EC), namely (+)-cis-EC, (-)-cis-EC, (+)-trans-EC, and (-)-trans-EC, were comparatively evaluated for anticonvulsant activity in specific methodologies. In the pentylenetetrazole (PTZ)-induced anticonvulsant test, all of the stereoisomers (at 300 mg/kg) increased the latency to seizure onset, and afforded 100%(More)
This study investigated the antinociceptive effects of (S)-(-)-perillyl alcohol (PA) on orofacial nociception in Swiss male mice using formalin-, capsaicin-, and glutamate-induced pain tests. For each test, eight animals per group were pre-treated intraperitoneally by a blinded investigator with PA (50 or 75mg/kg), morphine, or vehicle (saline+0.2% Tween(More)
(1S)-(−)-verbenone (VRB) is a monoterpene present in the essential oils of many plants which has shown therapeutic effect; however, its anticonvulsant activity has not yet been evaluated. The present work sought to investigate the anticonvulsant activity of VRB using pilocarpine and pentylenetetrazole-induced seizure testing; seeking also probable(More)
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