Renan Barroso Ferreira

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EGFR, HER2, and HER3 contribute to the initiation and progression of human cancers, and are therapeutic targets for monoclonal antibodies and tyrosine kinase inhibitors. An important source of resistance to these agents arises from functional redundancy among EGFR, HER2, and HER3. EGFR family members contain conserved extracellular structures that are(More)
While localized malignancies often respond to available therapies, most disseminated cancers are refractory. Novel approaches, therefore, are needed for the treatment of metastatic disease. CUB domain-containing protein1 (CDCP1) plays an important role in metastasis and drug resistance; the mechanism however, is poorly understood. Breast cancer cell lines(More)
A novel approach to the asymmetric reduction of dihydro-beta-carboline derivatives to the corresponding tetrahydro-beta-carbolines is described based on the supramolecular lyophilized complex formed from beta-cyclodextrin/imines as an enzyme mimetic and palladium hydride as the reducing agent. The methodology allowed us to develop a short and efficient(More)
Benzotrifuranone (BTF), bearing three symmetry-equivalent lactone rings, is unique in its ability to undergo highly selective and sequential aminolysis reactions in one-pot to afford multifunctionalized molecules (>80% overall yield). New insight into this behavior is presented through kinetics measurements (by stopped-flow IR spectroscopy), X-ray crystal(More)
Reported here is the first synthesis, X-ray crystal structure, and derivatization of benzotrifuran (BTFuran). Single crystal X-ray analysis of BTFuran shows a tight hexagonal packing stabilized by π-stacking interactions and C-H···O contacts. α-Lithiation of BTFuran enables the preparation of reactive intermediates suitable for cross-coupling reactions,(More)
2-Aminothiazolines share an isosteric relationship with imidazolines and oxazolines with antihypertensive activity mainly mediated by the imidazoline I1-receptor. In the present work, we have prepared five aminothiazolines, following a previously described synthetic pathway. Aminothiazolines derived from dicyclopropylmethylamine (ATZ1) and cyclohexylamine(More)
Many breast cancer deaths result from tumors acquiring resistance to available therapies. Thus, new therapeutic agents are needed for targeting drug-resistant breast cancers. Drug-refractory breast cancers include HER2+ tumors that have acquired resistance to HER2-targeted antibodies and kinase inhibitors, and "Triple-Negative" Breast Cancers (TNBCs) that(More)
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