Renaldo Mendoza

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Two new proteins of approximately 70 amino acids in length, corresponding to an unnaturally-linked N- and C-helix of the ectodomain of the gp41 protein from the human immunodeficiency virus (HIV) type 1, were designed and characterized. A designed tripeptide links the C-terminus of the C-helix with the N-terminus of the N-helix in a circular permutation so(More)
A detailed chemometric analysis of ligand binding to domain-3A of human serum albumin is described. NMR and fluorescence data on a set of 889 chemically diverse compounds were used to develop a group contribution model based on 74 chemical fragments that is in good agreement with the experimental data (R2 = 0.94, Q2 = 0.90). The structural descriptors used(More)
Calsenilin is a member of the recoverin branch of the EF-hand superfamily that is reported to interact with presenilins, regulate prodynorphin gene expression, modulate voltage-gated Kv4 potassium channel function, and bind to neurotoxins. Calsenilin is a Ca+2-binding protein and plays an important role in calcium signaling. Despite its importance in(More)
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