Rena Sorensen

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BACKGROUND Azrin & Foxx pioneered an intensive toilet training protocol for individuals with intellectual disability living in a residential setting. Since the development of the Rapid Toilet Training (RTT) protocol, many have replicated the efficacy, most notably in educational and outpatient treatment settings, but often training over longer periods of(More)
Autism spectrum disorders are being diagnosed with increasing frequency. The likelihood that a primary care provider will see a patient with autism spectrum disorder in their clinic is high. In this article, current diagnostic criteria and expected changes in DSM criteria, as well as prevalence rates and epidemiologic studies are reviewed. Recommendations(More)
OBJECTIVES In this case series, we describe the acute clinical impact and tolerability of rapid titration of clozapine for treatment of refractory irritability in five hospitalized youth with developmental disability. We offer this descriptive report in an effort to expand the evidence base guiding treatment of refractory aggression in this population. (More)
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