Rena Onitsuka

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The continuing effort to utilize the unique properties present in a number of strongly correlated transition metal oxides for novel device applications has led to intense study of their transitional phase state behavior. Here we report on time-resolved coherent X-ray diffraction measurements on a single vanadium dioxide nanocrystal undergoing a solid-solid(More)
A metre-length flexible hollow glass fibre with 20 µm-bore and 1.5 mm-cladding diameters for transporting a synchrotron X-ray beam and controlling the trajectory has been examined. The large cladding diameter maintains a moderate curvature to satisfy the shallow glancing angle of total reflection. The observed transmission efficiency was more than 20% at(More)
X-ray reflectivity measurements of the glass transition in thin polystyrene films supported on Si substrates were performed at slow cooling rates ranging from 0.62 to 0.01 (°)C/min. At a cooling rate of 0.14 (°)C/min, a depression in the glass transition temperature Tg was clearly observed with decreasing thickness. However, at a cooling rate of 0.62(More)
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