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CONTEXT Cabergoline is effective for hyperprolactinemic hypogonadism. However, the rate of cabergoline-induced pregnancy in women with prolactinoma remains unknown. Also unknown is whether cabergoline can control tumor growth and thereby achieve successful pregnancy in patients with macroprolactinomas. METHODS Eighty-five women with macroprolactinomas (n(More)
CONTEXT Cabergoline fails to normalize hyperprolactinemia in a considerable proportion of prolactinomas, especially macroadenomas. OBJECTIVE We examined the effect of individualized high-dose cabergoline treatment on hyperprolactinemia in prolactinomas. PATIENTS The study included 122 women and 28 men (93 microadenomas and 57 macroadenomas). Forty-seven(More)
We have performed a total of 107 cultures from three critical areas of an Olympus Panendoscope Model GIF-D2 in order to evaluate bacteriologically cur system of desinfection of this endoscope. Samples were taken from the distal end, external surface and biopsy canal before and after an endoscopic examination was performed. The procedure of desinfection(More)
Catechols produce reactive oxygen species (ROS) and induce oxidative DNA damage through reduction–oxidation reactions with metals such as copper. Here, we examined oxidative DNA damage by neurotransmitter catecholamines in the presence of copper or iron and evaluated the effects of this damage on gene expression in vitro. Dopamine induced strand breaks and(More)
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