Rena Isabel Bührens

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OBJECTIVES The following database integrates results from published proteomics studies in human non-small cell lung cancer (NSCLC), with a focus on squamous cell cancers (SCC) and adenocarcinomas (AC). METHODS Only studies on NSCLC were analyzed. Results from 12 studies were available, 5 studies on SCC, 4 on AC, 1 on AC and SCC, and 2 on NSCLC without(More)
In lung cancer, integrating translational data from various histologies obtained in different patients under different conditions can increase their robustness. This is a meta-analysis of cDNA array data obtained in 688 tumor patients (541 non-small cell lung cancer, 33 small cell lung cancer and 114 others) and 205 controls. 1,206 genes were found to be(More)
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