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A new species of Rhododendron (Ericaceae) from Jiangxi of China based on morphological and molecular evidences
Evidences from morphological, ecological and molecular data supported R. microcarpum as a new species of R. Azaleastrum Planch and ITS Neighbor-joining (NJ) tree indicates that it represents a distinct species and is genetically closest to R. ovatum.
An updated Vegetation Map of China (1:1000000)
Effects of physical leaf features of host plants on leaf-mining insects
Studies on the defenses of leaf physical structure and the adaptations of leafminers to these structural defenses are helpful in understanding the co-evolution between leaf miners and their host plants.
A study on the numberica field of ecology of the natural Exbucklandia tonkinesis forest in Jinggangshan Mountain
Analysing the law of relative changes among the number of species and variance of the shortest neighbourhood histance and the spatial distance to the oldest seed tree of Exbucklandia tonkinensis by