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The aim of hybrid wind-solar-pumped -storage power system is to solve the electro-problem of remote and undeveloped areas short of power. Aim to the special physical geography condition of some island, hybrid wind-solar-pumped-storage power system is brought forward, which is based on traditional hybrid wind-solar power system, and which storages energy by(More)
By using bioinformatics computer programs, all foot-and-mouth disease virus (FMDV) genome sequences in public-domain databases were analyzed. Based on the results of homology analysis, 2 specific small interfering RNA (siRNA) targeting homogenous 3D and 2B1 regions of 7 serotypes of FMDV were prepared and 2 siRNA-expression vectors, pSi-FMD2 and pSi-FMD3,(More)
INTRODUCTION This study was conducted to compare the association of Gaussian and non-Gaussian magnetic resonance imaging (MRI)-derived parameters with histologic grade and MIB-1 (Ki-67 labeling) index (MI) in brain glioma. METHODS Sixty-five patients with pathologically confirmed glioma, who underwent diffusion-weighted MRI with 2 b values (0, 1000(More)
INTRODUCTION This study was designed to determine if cerebral blood flow (CBF) derived from arterial spin labeling (ASL) perfusion imaging could be used to quantitatively evaluate the microvascular density (MVD) of brain gliomas on a "point-to-point" basis by matching CBF areas and surgical biopsy sites as accurate as possible. METHODS The study enrolled(More)
Collaborative filtering (CF) is a widely-used technique for generating personalized recommendations. CF systems are typically based on the ratings given by users to items. There are many factors influencing user's rating, beside user's interest and rating scale, item objective character is also the important element. Considering these factors, the improved(More)
Heme is a key cofactor in aerobic life, both in eukaryotes and prokaryotes. Because of the high reactivity of ferrous protoporphyrin IX, the reactions of heme in cells are often carried out through heme-protein complexes. Traditionally studies of heme-binding proteins have been approached on a case by case basis, thus there is a limited global view of the(More)
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