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A metal-resistant and phosphate-solubilising bacterium, designated as strain D414T, was isolated from heavy metal (Pb, Cd, Cu and Zn)-polluted paddy soils at the surrounding area of Dabao Mountain Mine in Southeast China. The minimum inhibitory concentrations of heavy metals for strain D414T were 2000 mg L−1 (Cd), 800 mg L−1 (Pb), 150 mg L−1 (Cu) and 2500(More)
Iron plaques can prevent the uptake of heavy metals on the root surface of wetland plants. The Fe and Mn oxides produced by microorganisms are major Fe/Mn-oxidizing agents in the environment. This study is the first to investigate the influence of Fe/Mn-oxidizing bacteria on Fe/Mn plaque formation and the uptake of Cd and As on rice tissues. The oxide(More)
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