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Total synthesis and biological evaluation of PF1171A, C, F, and G, cyclic hexapeptides with insecticidal activity.
The total synthesis of the cyclic hexapeptides PF1171A, C, F, and G has been achieved by solid-phase synthesis of a linear precursor and solution-phase macrolactamization. The synthesis includes aExpand
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Structure Revision of Similanamide to PF1171C by Total Synthesis.
The total synthesis of the proposed structure of similanamide, a cyclic hexapeptide recently isolated from the marine sponge-associated fungus Aspergillus similanensis KUFA 0013, was achieved byExpand
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Systematic Analysis of the Relationship among 3D Structure, Bioactivity, and Membrane Permeability of PF1171F, a Cyclic Hexapeptide with Paralyzing Effects on Silkworms.
PF1171 hexapeptides, a family of cyclic hexapeptides produced by fungi, exhibit paralyzing effects on the larvae of silkworms via oral administration. To elucidate the structural features of PF1171Expand
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