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In Network-based Intrusion Detection, signatures discovery is an important issue, since the performance of an intrusion detection system heavily depends on accuracy and abundance of signatures. In most cases, we have to find these signatures manually. This is a time-consuming and error-prone work. Some papers introduce data mining into Intrusion Detection(More)
AQM (active queue management) can maintain the smaller queuing delay and higher throughput by the purposefully dropping the packets at the intermediate nodes. It is a hotspot in the current researches about TCP end-to-end congestion control. Almost all the existed algorithms neglect the impact on performance caused by large delay. In this study, firstly a(More)
Heterotopic ossification (HO) is the aberrant formation of ectopic bone within the soft tissues, of which the aetiology is usually either traumatic or neurogenic. Neurogenic HO is a known but uncommon complication that occurs after a cerebral or spinal insult. The condition may present with a spectrum of symptoms and is often difficult to diagnose(More)
Creating plenty of ontologies is a crucial task for relizing the Semantic Web vision. Techniques of learning ontology from text are far from mature because of the limitations of natual language understanding. However, discovering concepts and relations from tables is much easier. In this paper, we proposed a novel approach to generate ontologies from web(More)
PURPOSE To report the outcome of a technique combining direct anatomic reconstruction of the anterior talofibular ligament (ATFL) with augmented reconstruction using the peroneus brevis tendon fixed by a bio-absorbable interference screw. METHODS 13 men and 2 women aged 17 to 36 (mean, 24) years with recurrent inversion injuries of the right (n=5) and(More)
The morphological changes of regenerated peripheral nerve fibers after injury are closely related with its function recovery. Knowledge of the characteristics of regenerated peripheral nerve on histological level, even that on the molecular level is important for the studies of peripheral nerve regeneration. Here, we present some new methods not only for(More)
ABR (available bit rate) flow control is an effective measure in ATM network congestion control and traffic management. In large scale and high-speed network, the simplicity of the algorithm is crucial to optimize the switch performance. Though the simplicity of binary flow control is very attractive, the queue length and allowed cell rate (ACR) controlled(More)
Following a post-traumatic incident, orthopaedic surgeons often struggle to look for an abundant source of alternative bone graft because the bone defect is too big or when nonunion is refractory to treatment. We present two cases where the patients' bone grafts were harvested from the healthy femur. This process involved the use of a new intramedullary(More)
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